Pressure Washing

Pressure washing, also called power washing, involves in spraying high pressure water stream to get rid of dirt and grease residues that cannot be removed with other cleaning methods. This includes removal of any existing weeds and other vegetation.


Polymeric Sand Application

Polymeric sand is used to fill the joints between pavers, including concrete pavers, brick pavers, and stone pavers. Application of polymeric sand offers many advantages such as improved durability, prevents washout of sand and also deters weeds and insects.

Interlocking stone, flagstone and patterned concrete driveways and patios are subjected to wind, rainfall, snow and other weather conditions. They are also subjected to traffic. Extreme hot and cold climate can cause damage to all types of stone and concrete. Sealers protect the area from snow, wind, rainfall and high temperature. Sealers also help in beautifying the driveways. All types of stone and concrete may require sealing every 3 to 10 years depending on the weather conditions. Extreme hot or cold weather trigger the damages hence, places with extreme hot or cold weather require sealing more often.


Interlock Relays

Interlock relay involves removing the existing stone work so that the foundation underneath is exposed. The surface is then cleaned and flattened. The removed stones are individually cleaned and reset, giving the patio or driveway a brand-new look.


Asphalt Repair And Sealing

When temperatures change, it stresses the materials in asphalt. In cold weather, precipitation can build up on the driveway, causing water to seep into the semi porous surface. When this water thaws and freezes, it creates expansion in these pockets, causing cracks to form. The cracks allow more water to seep in, and the process gets worse and worse. If the cracks are not fixed when the weather warms up, the cracking is compounded with each successive year. Also, the buildup of car oil and the chemicals used to melt snow and ice during the winter can help break down the asphalt surface even more. Repairing the holes and cracks and sealing is an important part of maintaining the integrity of the asphalt. Treating your driveway every year or two will extend the life of the drive, even to the point of carrying it beyond the normal lifespan.

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Parking Lot Maintenance

Parking lot maintenance including cleaning of parking lot, line painting, line painting layouts, asphalt crack filling and grouting as well as snow removal. Staining and painting of decks, gazebos, cabanas, etc.

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